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Petra and Kondal going to a

gathering in Lia.

The photo is taken sometime

before 1917.

Dokumenter angående en skade Kondal fikk i 1912 påTresliperi til Baarlidalens Brug i Eidsvoll.
Dokumenter angående en skade Kondal fikk i 1912 påTresliperi til Baarlidalens Brug i Eidsvoll.

Picture of Skjelfoss 16.08.2007 - Foto Bent.Ø

Born at Sagbraaten in Høland 20.12.1871.

Christened in Løken Church 18.02.1872.19

Kondal was most likely born at his mothers small farm Sagbraaten,

which belonged to Ensrud farm in Nordre Høland, Akershus

municipality. His mother worked as a maid and her name was

Oliane Christensdatter Sagbraaten. Kondal´s father

was bachelor and farmer Christian Hellesen Østereng from

Bergsjø in Søndre Høland. Kondal´s parents never got married.

The picture you see here is initially a group photo of the workers

at Baarlidalen Brug at Eidsvoll.

- When he was about four years old, in 1875, he lived at Skjelfoss,

as a foster-son 009, located west in Aurskog - Høland on the border to Fet municipality.

Exaclty when he came to Skjelfoss and when he moved from there is uncertain.

But we do know that he lived together with Erik Christensen from Høland and Berte Olsdatter from Aurskog.

They had three sons, three daughters and another stepson apart from

Kondal which was the youngest in the crowd of children. One of the reasons

why Kondal came to Skjelfoss as a foster-son was that his mothers brother,

Erik Christensen,was the small-holder there.

Oliana worked nearby as a maid 008 at the farm Ersrud in Fet in the same period.

This indicates that she and Kondal had a good connection.

Another person important in Oliane´s life was Andreas Hansen

born 01.12.1834 9 at Fjerdingen of Ramstad in Fet.

In the 1870´s Andreas worked as a farm-hand 010 at the farm Gran in Fet.

The near relationship between Andreas and Oliane lead to a marriage

in Fet Church 22.03.1878 4.

Later that year they had a son, christened Ole Ingvald who was

born 10.06.1878 27 at home on the farm Løchen where they lived.

Before the summer in 1885 Kondal, his mother, stepfather and half-brother moved to Blaker and 10.07.1885 13 Oliane gives birth to a little girl named Jørga Eliagna.

Kondal`s mother and stepfather lives on the farm Mork where Andreas works as a cattleman.

By Kondal´s confirmation in Blaker 03.10.1886 10 they all live on Mork Mellom and Andreas is now working as a carpenter.

Somewhere between 1886 and 1900 008 Oliane, Andreas, Ole Ingvald and Jørga Eliagna moves to the farm-hand building at Øverland Østre in Bærum.

Kondal works as a farm-hand at the farm Mork when he 21.12.1891 4 becomes

a father for the first time.

A son, christened Karl Kristiansen Ødegaarden is brought in to this world.

His mother is a small-farm daughter named Rebekka Guneriusdatter Ødegaarden,

the small-farm Ødegaarden belongs under Jødal Lille.

In the year 1900 they live in the at farm-hand building 007 Mork Mellom together

with Karl´s half-sister Ragna Helene.         

Kondal gets married 30.09.1892 36 to Hanna Mathilde Andreasdatter from Eidsvoll.

They move in together at Sneisrud.

Hanna Mathilde is born 17.07.1870 124 at Eidsvoll and has a daughter named

Hanne Sofie Nilsen, born 23.05.1889 from an earlier relationship.

Later the same year Kondal and Hanna Mathilde have their first and only child together.

Ole was born at Eidsvoll 05.11.1892 115 and christened 25.12.1892.

Less then two years later 22.07.1894 26 Hanna Mathilde dies from consumption in their home at Sneisrud.

Three years later 09.09.1897 15 Kondal gets married for the second time to Petra Amalie Gustavsdatter.

She was born 02.11.1873 70 at Garsjøen in Hurdal but she now lives at Aalborg in Eidsvoll.

During their marriage Kondal and Petra have nine children, Helge b.1898,

Helga b.1900, Gina b.1902, Johanne b.1904, Lilly b.1906, Kristian b.1908, Lilli b.1910

and the Kondalsen-twins Otilie and Anna b. 1915.

In 1912 Kondal works as a pre-splitter at a lumber/timber-mill at the company

Baarlidalens Brug at Eidsvoll.

Saturday March 9th 11 pm; Kondal is installing a new millstone. While installing the millstone a piece from the hack he is using falls of and Kondal gets a splinter in his left eye.

Sunday March 10th 9 pm; Kondal had to cancel his work due to his injury the day before.

He didn´t go to a doctor until Monday, and the reason why is; ” he didn´t have any spare-time on Sunday.”

At home Kondal gets treated by doctor Hjalmar Lystad.

The treatment was finished 16.03.1912 and by 18.03.1912 Kondal is working fulltime again and receives his payment.

His annual income was approx. 950 Norwegian Kroner divided on approx. 300 days work.

Kondal now lives at a small-farm named Berg, which he himself built near Aalborg in Eidsvoll.

The picture shows Berg, with the old hall.

Randi Lien told that a new bath was build

in 1960 in connection with the hall,

therefore we know that the photo is taken

before 1960.

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Kondal dies home at Berg from meningitis 03.01.1917 1, and Petra dies home at Berg

from a tumour 02.04.1919 16

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